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It is not possible to do justice to the teams of scientists who have devoted their life’s work to studying the healing power of the extracts from conifers grown in the vast pristine Taiga forests.



In essence however it distills down to a trust in the principal that ‘in nature lies the cure’. Unlike the common ‘western’ approach of searching for and isolating THE active ingredient, at Solagran our scientific team has firstly focused on extracting the truly ‘live elements’ of these trees using unique technology specifically developed to preserve and in some cases amplify their biological activity and efficacy. Subsequent testing is then undertaken for safety and therapeutic benefits as synergistic complex materials in ratios determined by nature. These multi-molecule natural complexes have a wide range of applications yet very low side effects. 


The evidence for these benefits are not only in the result of over 80 years of research but also the millennia the vast Taiga forests have flourished. It has recently been discovered that these majestic trees were the only species to survive the ice age for tens of thousands of years. This remarkable natural endurance prompted the research that led to a unique therapeutic family of products known as Bioeffectives®.

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"Research is to see what everybody else has seen, and to think what nobody else has thought."

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (1893-1986)

Nobel Prize in Medicine 1937

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1930 - Pesent

Ongoing development and research worldwide of Bioeffectives® for medical, cosmetic, agricultural and veterinary   applications. Approximately 90 clinical and pre clinical trials completed in a number of areas, including:
Liver Disease
                             Alzheimers                             Antiviral                             Detoxification                             Helicobacter Pylori                             Alcoholism   


Hormone regulation                  BPH                                         Immune system Oncology support 

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