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A number of International patents have been granted for the therapeutic use of Bioeffectives.

Patents related to the specific therapeutic applications of individual Bioeffectives have been successfully granted internationally (Australia, USA, Europe, Indonesia and Russia).

Two key Bioeffectives are the cornerstone of this patent application program. Bioeffective A and Bioeffective R.

The success of this patent portfolio is based on the substantial amount of research completed that forms the basis for any therapeutic action application.




Active Ingredient of a Medicinal Agent, A Medicinal Agent, A Pharmaceutical Composition and Method for Treating Dementia Syndrome Patients

Agent, Pharmaceutical Composition and Method for Treating Ethyl Alcohol and/or Narcotic Dependence

Medicinal Agent for Treating Patients Suffering From Diseases Caused by MAO Excessive Activity and a Method for Treating Patients Suffering from Diseases Caused by the MAO Excessive Activity

Medicinal Agent for Anti-Helicobacter Therapy

Medicinal Agent Exhibiting Antiprotozoal Activity to Trichomonas Vaginalis in an In-Vitro Model System

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