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What can endure -50°C to +40°C


24 hours of darkness yet still be healthy?

Pine Trees can – How?

It got us thinking (since 1930)


Bioeffectives have harnessed the answer.




The aim was to isolate the “live elements” responsible for the phenomenal natural endurance of conifers (Recent research now indicates pine trees survived the ice age).  This was successfully accomplished in 1930.


The first extract CCP, the pre-cursor of CGNC laid down the foundation for decades of pre-clinical and clinical research of a unique, natural and powerful family of substances known as Bioeffectives® .


For decades these materials remained state secrets of the former Soviet Union. Today they are known as Bioeffectives® and are derived from the world’s largest botanical research program, research spanning  80 years and in excess of 4.5 million PhD hours.

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St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy - Solodky and Agranat isolate Chiorophyll - Carotene Paste (CCP). This is the precursor of CGNC that will become the first Bioeffective - Bioeffective® A.


Bioeffectives® (CGNC) approved for  use in WWII.

Rationed to the population, Bioeffective® A saved tens of thousands from scurvy, starvation, vitamin deficiency and infection during the 900-day siege of Leningrad (St Petersburg).


First patent covering Bioeffective extraction process


Construction of manufacturing facility – Vishney Volochok for production of CGNC. (Upgraded 2011/2015)


Construction of world first commercial
manufacturing facility of polyrenols - Tomsk

2010 - Present

Donation of Bioeffectives to NGO’s in Africa and PNG


Bioeffective A commercialised


Solagran Australia established to safeguard and commercialise the Bioeffectives technology.

1930 - Present

Ongoing development and research worldwide of Bioeffectives® for medical, cosmetic, agricultural and veterinary   applications. Approximately 90 clinical and pre clinical trials completed in a number of areas, including:
Liver Disease                   Alzheimers    

Antiviral                            Detoxification   

Helicobacter Pylori          Alcoholism      Hormone regulation        BPH

Immune system Oncology support 



Bioeffective R commercialised


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“Today people are aware that using synthetic pharmaceutical drugs on a large scale (such as antibiotics, steroids, anti-inflammatories and other synthetic derivatives) not only creates: risks of suppression of the body's immune responses; different types of allergic reactions and spreading of antibiotic-resistant pathogens; but also poses real environmental danger for natural biocenoses.


That is why it is so important to develop medicinal products from natural sources that are effective, biocompatible and ecologically clean.


Bioeffectives are the answer, in this regard.”


Professor Anatoly B.Zhebrun,

Director of the Pasteur Institute, St Petersburg, Russia.

Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.

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