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In St Petersburg in 1930 Professor Solodky and Dr Agranat successfully isolate Chlorophyll - Carotene Paste (CCP), later developed with Solagran’s patented technology to Conifer Green Needle Complex to (CGNC), now known as  Bioeffective® A, the first Bioeffective.






During World War II in the 900 day Siege of Leningrad (St Petersburg) by the German army, the population of the city lived on a daily ration of 75 grams of bread made from sawdust enriched with food grade cellulose, and CCP, later developed into CGNC (Bioeffective A).


The extract was produced by Solodky, Agranat and their team.

It was pivotal in the prevention of scurvy. The people’s daily food ration also included one glass of water infused with the same Bioeffective® extract.

CCP was also used during the siege in the treatment of burns wounds and frostbite - its phenomenal  healing properties became evident and it was instrumental in saving many thousands.


The survival of the city of St Petersburg and hundreds of thousands of its citizens, was due largely to the work of these scientists in bringing Bioeffectives® to the world.



From the end of the war until 1990, this first Bioeffective® was used widely in Russia and at the same time, was the subject of 49 clinical trials involving some 6,000 patients aged from 7 to 84 years. These trials covered both systemic and topical applications. Throughout these trials, no side effects were observed and only 6 cases of individual intolerance were noted


In the early 1990s, just as the growing family of Bioeffectives® was reaching the stage where they could be commercialised fully, the process was halted by the social and political upheaval that was occurring in Eastern Europe.


As a direct result of these events, during the period from 1993 to 1995, the company Solagran was established by a group of Australian businessmen and Russian scientists with the objective of safeguarding the science, transfering the intellectual property, completing the commercialisation process and funding the ongoing research and development effort.


Solagran was named after Professor Solodky and Dr Agranat, the pioneering scientists who extracted the first Bioeffective in the 1930s. In 2017 Solagran Australia became Prenolica.

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