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Where do Bioeffectives come from?


Bioeffectives® are compositionally complex biologically active therapeutic substances obtained from "live elements" of trees.

How long have Bioeffectives been used?


Over 85 years !

Bioeffectives® are the result of a botanical research program that began at the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy (FTA) in the 1930s. It is the birthplace of Forest Biochemistry - the science of identification, extraction, isolation and utilisation of “live elements” of trees. Research continues globally to this day.

How much research has been performed on Bioeffectives?


Research on Bioeffectives has been conducted in numerous recognised institutes by leaders in their fields including “The Pasteur Institute” in Russia and “Swinburne University” in Australia. This research is now increasing being published in peer-reviewed journals


Are there any side effects?


The safety profile of the various Bioeffectives is strongly supported by a full battery of pre-clinical and clinical trials. Regulators have reviewed and cleared various Bioeffectives for use in medicines & dietary supplements in Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the UAE. Clinical trial reporting over many decades has not revealed any serious adverse event. Post market reviews, chronic human ingestion trial and an independent toxicological report in the USA have also not revealed a known cautions for use.


A clinical trial testing the safety and efficacy of Bioeffective A in pregnant women has been undertaken without any concerns identified yet, as per the general situation with botanical extracts, the use of Bioeffectives by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should only be undertaken with guidance from a healthcare professional.

How are Bioeffectives different to conventional pharmaceuticals?




What are Bioeffectives?


“Bioeffectives® are biologically active galenical substances obtained using specialised, patented technology that allows their isolation as balanced, synergistic complexes possessing high nutrient and therapeutic properties










Number of Molecules


Range of Therapeutic Indications


Side Effects


Chemical Pharmaceuticals


Chemical Synthesis







Many & Varied



Extracted and Isolated from Green Tree Foliage


Multiple (<10 to >800)




Close to Zero

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