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Bioeffective A, the first Bioeffective,  is a complex blend of components extracted from live conifer needles. It works  synergistically in helping: support the body, detoxifying  organs, reducing heavy metals, repairing and protecting against cellular damage from oxidative stresses, supporting  immune function and fighting against infection.


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Concentrated natural source nutrients

 Supported by extensive quality, safety & efficacy data

 Ecologically harvested

Products made under pharma GMP in Australia

Bioeffective® A (CGNC) is the result of an 80 year research program that began in Russia at the St Petersburg Forest Technical Academy (FTA) in the 1930s.


The aim was to isolate the “live elements” responsible for the phenomenal  natural endurance of conifers. (Recent research now indicates pine trees survived the ice age.)


Bioeffective® A (CGNC) is a complex substance with in excess of 300 known components. It is derived from the green needles of Pinus sylvestris (55%) and Picea abies (L.) Karst (45%).


To date global research into the highly therapeutic  Bioeffectives®  family has involved more than 4.5 million DSc / PhD man hours, it is arguably the worlds largest ever botanical research program and continues to this day.

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CGNC has over an 80 year tradition of topical use as a first-aid agent (burns, wounds, frostbite) in addition to serving as adjunctive therapy for numerous skin diseases. With relevant pharmacopoeial entries, this history includes hospital use to accelerate skin regeneration following surgery. (F, G)



Assists in the treatment of moderate disorders of lipid metabolism and complementary to primary agents in the treatment of heart disease. (I)



In preclinical studies CGNC helped to restore thyroid hormone balance in estrogen-deficient subjects.



Preclinical & clinical trials involving children  & pregnant women (B) support CGNC’s role in heavy metal removal (cadmium, mercury, lead, arsenic and other xenobiotics) &      associated health improvements e.g. fatigue reduction.  CGNC has also been clinically supported for the treatment of alcoholism & associated disorders, with positive impact on  liver, brain & heart parameters. (C)



In the treatment of chronic gut problems, CGNC significantly reduced heartburn, dyspepsia, gastritis, duodenal / stomach ulcers and atrophic gastritis, (H) as a result of combating H. pylori.



CGNC demonstrated strong antifungal activity (candida strains), (E) anti-protozoal activity (Trichomonas vaginalis), and showed effectiveness against ureaplasma and    microplasma.



CGNC has been demonstrated to possess potent adaptogenic and free radical-scavenging properties, and when utilised in the treatment of radiation exposure  reduced fatigue by 60% vs. placebo.  CGNC also  reduced interferon side effects and provided tonic benefits in chronic viral hepatitis patients. (A) These and other clinical data are strongly supported by Brunswick Laboratory ORAC 5 testing which demonstrates  potent antioxidant properties.



CGNC has been shown to possess antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal activity. It significantly reduced days of rhinitis, fever & coughing in children with respiratory tract infections (D) and it has been demonstrated to improve response & recovery in chronic viral hepatitis patients. (A)


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As a galenical complex , Bioeffective® A (CGNC) has in excess of 300 components which act synergistically on multiple levels; cleansing and detoxifying the body via important regulatory processes, aiding the removal of heavy metals, repairing and fighting cellular damage from oxidative stresses, boosting the immune system and acting as an anti-microbial. 



Chlorophyll is a naturally-occurring pigment found primarily in plant tissue and algae.  It is highly alkalising and, along with its metabolites, shows potent anti-inflammatory action [1] and  helps to maintain blood health. Chlorophyll has been reported to induce liver detoxification pathways [2,3] potentially aiding the removal of toxic substances from internal organs. [4]

Resin acids /

Higher Fatty


Resin acids  selectively kill pathogenic microbial cells whilst maintaining the health of the body’s cells. The ability of resin acids to induce microbial  cell lysis (bursting) is linked to their structure and hydrophobicity. [5]


Phytosterols (mainly β-sitosterol) aid in  lowering serum total cholesterol, and in reducing the level of  "atherogenic" classes of lipoproteins. [7]


Squalene may also contribute to cleansing and detoxifying by acting as a sink for lipophilic xenobiotics, such as antibiotics, helping to remove excess xenobiotic drugs from the body as well as aiding skin repair. [8]



Carotenoids enhance the production of antibodies, improving the efficacy of the immune response. [9] The immunomodulating effects of Bioeffective® A (CGNC) are believed to be attributed in part to its  carotenoid components  including lutein and zeaxanthin.

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is an important regulator of blood coagulation, promoter of calcium reabsorption in the bone and inhibitor of vascular calcification.

Vitamin E

Research has shown known antioxidants such as vitamin E work together with dolichols at cell membranes to form free-radical removal machinery, protecting the membrane lipid bilayers against everyday oxidative stresses.


Polyprenols (present at ca. 2.4 w/w) are quickly metabolised in the liver to dolichols. Dolichols are essential to health due to their role as lipid-transporters in maintaining protein glycosylation, one of the most common and important cellular regulatory mechanisms in the human body. They have also been demonstrated to exhibit strong hepatoprotective properties. [6]

Antioxidants act as scavengers, helping to fight   free radicals and prevent cell and tissue damage that could lead to cellular damage and disease. Antioxidants therefore are pivotal in maintaining general health and wellbeing. [10]

The naturally-occurring components of Bioeffective® A (CGNC) provide potent antioxidant protection, working together to limit the damage caused by oxidative stress and promote cellular repair.The many components of Bioeffective® A (CGNC) work together in unique synergy to provide a highly-therapeutic natural substance for internal and   external use.


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The safety of Bioeffective® A is comprehensively supported by a full battery of toxicological trials covering acute toxicity LD50, chronic toxicity, allergenicity, irritation, mutagenic properties, carcinogenicity, teratogenicity, haemodynamics, species and sex-specific sensitivity, effect on immune system, overdose treatment and acute / chronic testing of finished dose forms.



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