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Bioeffective I is a pure, red concentrate obtained from the branches and needles of the Siberian Fir using mild extraction technology. From the pristine native forests of the Taiga, this unique liquid captures the life force and a multitude of nutrients directly from nature.

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Natural source of many minerals and nutrients including: iron maltol, chromium, vitamin C & bioflavonoids.

Natural source of vital nutrients in ratios & forms determined by nature.

Convenient liquid form to add to water/juice or combined with herbal extracts.

No alcohol, preservatives or additives.


Iron is present in the highy bioavailable,

and most stomach friendly form;

ferric–maltol complex.

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Bioeffective I is a water-soluble natural extract generated by first grinding the green needles and small twigs from the Siberian fir that have been collected from the pristine forests of Siberia. 


The resulting ground material is then subjected to a patented extraction process at high pressure(requiring no alcohol). Many components of this unique botanical material are also highly sensitive to heat, as a consequence extraction is performed at room temperature, thus ensuring the integrity of the material is maintained. 


The finished extract of Siberian fir needles takes on average 7 tonnes of fresh foliage to produce 100 litres of this concentrate. It is a vibrant red colour, which is due to the presence, amongst others, of a natural complex of iron and the potent antioxidant, maltol.


This complex has been shown to have superior bioavailability to other forms of iron. Oral iron supplementation is linked to extensive gastrointestinal side effects and possible disease exacerbation. Clinically trialled supplementation with Iron maltol has delivered meaningful improvements in haemoglobin and showed a favorable safety profile.

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Adaptogenic Properties



Abies sibirica needle extract has been utilised to help improve children’s resistance to, and the complications following, acute respiratory disease. A clinical trial (n=1442, children 3-7 years) supports this finding and also demonstrated positive action in reducing stress that accompanies the transition from home to a kindergarten environment (including sleep, appetite and general nervous system related benefits).Consequently during the harsh winter months in Siberia, Abies sibirica extract is routinely issued to children attending kindergarten.

Iron Tonic



23% of Australian females aged 2 & over are not meeting their daily iron requirements from their food intake. Further to this many women are reluctant to take a standard manufactured iron tablet and are looking to supplement their diet with iron rich natural sources. Abies siberica needle extract has been clinically trialled for this purpose, with results indicating haemoglobin ranges were restored from a 2-3ml daily dose.Clinical trial results with  iron deficient children demonstrated also resulted in normalisation of sleep patterns,  improvement in appetite, reduced fatigue/irritability as well as improvement in dyspeptic symptoms.

Oxidative Stress Induced Fatigue

(Disease & Sports Related)


Changes in fatigue and lipid peroxidation levels (via malonic dialdehyde- MDA) were measured in a clinical trial conducted by the Siberian State Medical University. Children (n=60, 8-18 years) living in radiation polluted areas were compared to those in favourable conditions. MDA levels in significantly reduced following a course of Abies sibirica needle extract. Supplementation also reduced fatigue and improved general health.Fatigue has been significantly reduced in numerous other clinical investigations testing the merits of Abies sibirica extract, covering areas as diverse as periodontitis, cholecystitis, ADHD and post surgically – hysterectomy.


Elite sportspeople are also increasingly utilising Abies sibirica extract to aid recovery from exercise induced oxidative stress and testify to the changes in their recovery times, and concentration.

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Maltol (free)

Maltol is a natural compound found especially in coniferous trees such as Abies spp. It has potent antioxidant properties and is predominantly bound with iron in Abies sibirica extract.



Brunswick Laboratories (USA) has assayed for and identified 20 bioflavonoids within Abies siberica needle extract including hesperidin, quercetin and rutin. Widely recognised for their potent antioxidant properties, bioflavonoids also act as capillary / blood vessel protectants.


Iron (as ferric tri-maltol complex)

The iron is present as iron (III) tri-maltol complex (equivalent to 6% elemental iron). This natural complex is water soluble and has been shown to have superior bioavailability to most other forms of iron. It is also more friendly to the intestinal mucosal cells than ferrous forms which are known to cause lipid peroxidation. Furthermore, the maltol has been demonstrated to limit peroxidation in its own right.



Dehydroascorbic acid has similar biological activity to ascorbic acid. Both compounds have been shown to have antiviral effects against herpes simplex virus type 1, influenza virus type A and poliovirus type 1 with dehydroascorbic acid having the stronger effect. In addition, unlike ascorbic acid, dehydroascorbic acid can cross the blood brain barrier and is then converted to ascorbic acid to enable retention in the brain.




Micro Nutrients

Abies sibirica extract contains a wide range of  micro nutrients eg Chromium at level delivering the full RDI per 3ml daily liquid dose. Chromium is involved in potentiating the action of insulin in vivo and in vitro and several studies have shown beneficial effects of chromium on circulating glucose, insulin and lipids in humans. Other notable inclusions at lower concentrations include Manganese, Molybenum, Silica & Zinc.

Also contains a wide range of organic compounds  that contribute synergistically its many action eg natural vanillin and borneol.Borneol is a monoterpene used for analgesia in traditional Chinese and Japanese medicine and is thought to be partly responsible for the therapeutic actions of medicinal herbs, such as valerian.Along with the flavonoid components of abies sibirica, Borneol is know to produce notable enhancement of the actions of GABA.

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Mark McGrath - Performance Coach.


“ ‘You didn't come into this world, you came out of it’. Alan Watts


Nobody can argue that Nature and indeed all life on this planet, is represented broadly by the 3-legged stool of Water, Light and Magnetism.


Siberian fir needle extract may very well be the Adaptogen that is the most balanced representative of this Systemic Trilogy.


Water is the very basis of this concentrate, in that it is water, charged with the balance of its constituents, as nature intended.


I have been using Siberian fir needle extract for 8 years with exceptional results. I have noticed a consistency and up-lift in energy that is both subtle and profound.


I have prescribed it to an elite swimmer who was struggling physically, mentally and emotionally from training and competition, with an immediate change in his energy and vitality.  After 3 weeks he could not believe the change in his overall well-being.


Elite tennis players and athletes who are also studying, report changes in their concentration, and consistency of attention.


This extract is particularly beneficial to females. Due to its highly bio-available iron, I have witnessed its ability to settle and energise young female athletes, like no other supplement.


I endorse the water extract of Siberian fir unequivocally for Optimal Health and to energise and re-vitalise people who are busy and run-down”.

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The safety profile of the water soluble extract from fresh Siberian fir needles/twigs (Bioeffective I) has been generated through a combination of laboratory, clinical trials and decades of use in the community. Various clinical trials involving children have also monitored safety without concern and the extracts continue to be supplied to children in Siberian pre-schools to support their immune systems during the winter months.

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